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The birth of

Oceanus Line

Oceanus Line was born out of necessity in the market-place due to the lack of availability of both space and equipment for both import and exports out of the Gulf area to Central America Caribbean (CAC).

Bringing two big markets (Mexico and Colombia) through our new service closer. Utilizing niche ports in the US and servicing both the export and import markets to Atlantic Mexico and Atlantic Colombia.

At the same time, in due course, offering transshipment options via Cartagena to other areas.

We Deliver our Promise

Mission statement

Oceanus Line operates a dedicated fleet that meets the industry’s high standards that offers the transportation of cargoes to our customers in an efficient, reliable and secure way. We strive to achieve these high standards throughout the process by inspiring, providing and offering exceptional container liner service to our customers from the time of first contact to the final delivery of goods. This is accomplished by assisting customers with their product placement to markets; quickly, efficiently and safely by utilizing our logistics and supply chain solutions and networks.

Who Are We?

Dedicated line with vast ocean container liner service experience and supply chain management.

Team built on the supply chain industry and connecting the US, Mexico, Colombia and CAC (Central America-Caribbean) markets.

Head Office – Miami, Florida, USA with representation in the US, Mexico and Colombia.

Dedicated TEAM (Team Engaged And Motivated)

Freeport, TX

Top exporting State, strategic for export and import market for the US (Midwest and Mountain West).

Freeport over Houston due to port flexibility and also Freeport’s direct access to Gulf of Mexico (less steam time versus Houston).

Port Manatee, FL

New port development and export and import port for South and North Atlantic states.

Port Manatee over Tampa/Miami due to port flexibility and also its direct access to Gulf of Mexico.

Veracruz, MX

Mexico – Biggest US market and growing potential. Proximity and trade.

Veracruz is a strategic export and import port to Mexico and the US and Caribbean.

Cartagena, CO

Emerging and growing market for US and Colombia. Onshoring and trade agreements.

Cartagena is an import port for import and export to Mexico, US and the CAC countries.

Connect in Cartagena for relay to other countries.

The Network Map

Based on our analysis of the various trades in Latin America, our focus on the CAC (Central America Caribbean) are due to the following factors:

  • Close existing trade agreements and co-operations
  • Stable growth and quick accessibility.
  • In addition, post COVID-19 re-thinking of closer production sites and cargo deliveries (onshoring), the CAC area will see a steady growth rate moving forward.

Rotation FGX: Port Manatee-Freeport-Veracruz-Cartagena-Port Manatee

Florida Gulf Express Service (FGX)

  • New export opportunities and port coverage (less congestion and favorable port concessions) as well as covering two big markets in CAC, Mexico and Colombia, while using Cartagena as a trans-shipment hub for possible trans-shipment into the Caribbean area and Venezuela.
  • The FGX service will consist of vessel sizes of 1700 to 2000 TEUs and rotate between the ports of Port Manatee, FL, Freeport, TX, Veracruz, MX and Cartagena, COL. Equipment availability for the vessels will be 20’FT, 40’FT, 53’FT dry containers, 40’FR (Flatracks) as well as 40’FT Reefers. In addition, breakbulk and oversize cargo are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


  • 20’ FT DRY
  • 40’ FT HIGH CUBE
  • 53’ FT DRY

Oceanus Line

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